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void KDGanttViewItem::setShowNoInformation ( bool  show  )  [inherited]

Specifies whether the 'showNoInformation' line should be shown for this item. The 'showNoInformation' line is drawn over the whole timeline. The height of the line is the height of the item. The brush of the line is specified by KDGanttView::setNoInformationBrush(). (i.e. the same brush for all items of the Gantt view). The default brush is QBrush( QColor ( 100,100,100 ), Qt::FDiagPattern );

show if true, the 'showNoInformation' line is shown for this item
See also:
showNoInformation(), KDGanttView::setNoInformationBrush(), KDGanttView::noInformationBrush()

Definition at line 2018 of file KDGanttViewItem.cpp.

References KDGanttViewItem::myGanttView, and KDGanttView::myTimeTable.

  _showNoInformation = show;

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