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void KDGanttViewItem::setHighlight ( bool  highlight  )  [inherited]

Specifies whether this item should be shown highlighted. The user can also highlight items with the mouse. If the item displays its subitems (children) as a group (displaySubitemsAsGroup() == true), all changes apply to all subitems as well.

highlight true in order to highlight, false in order to turn highlighting off for this item
See also:

Definition at line 737 of file KDGanttViewItem.cpp.

References KDGanttViewItem::displaySubitemsAsGroup(), KDGanttViewItem::firstChild(), KDGanttViewItem::isHighlighted, KDGanttViewItem::myGanttView, KDGanttView::myTimeTable, KDGanttViewItem::nextSibling(), KDGanttViewItem::setHighlight(), and KDGanttViewItem::updateCanvasItems().

Referenced by KDGanttViewItem::setHighlight().

    isHighlighted = highlight;
    if ( displaySubitemsAsGroup() ) {
      KDGanttViewItem* temp = (KDGanttViewItem*) firstChild();
      while (temp != 0) {
      temp->setHighlight( highlight );
      temp = temp->nextSibling();

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