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KDGanttViewItem * KDGanttViewItem::getChildByName ( const QString &  name  )  [inherited]

If the name of this item is name (i.e., listViewText() == name), the pointer to this item is returned. Otherwise, it looks for an item with name name in the set of children and subchildren of this item.

name the name of the item
the pointer to the item with name name

Definition at line 2033 of file KDGanttViewItem.cpp.

References KDGanttViewItem::firstChild(), KDGanttViewItem::getChildByName(), KDGanttViewItem::listViewText(), and KDGanttViewItem::nextSibling().

Referenced by KDGanttViewItem::getChildByName(), and KDGanttView::getItemByName().

  if ( listViewText() == name )
    return this;
  KDGanttViewItem* temp =  firstChild(),* ret;
  while (temp != 0) {
    if ( (ret = temp->getChildByName( name )))
      return ret;
    temp = temp->nextSibling();
  return 0;

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