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void KDGanttViewItem::setHighlightColors ( const QColor &  start,
const QColor &  middle,
const QColor &  end 
) [inherited]

Specifies the highlight colors in which to draw the shapes of this item.

It is advisable not to use this method, but rather set the highlight colors for all items of a type with KDGanttView::setHighlightColors() in order to get a uniform Gantt view.

If the item displays its subitems (children) as a group, (displaySubitemsAsGroup() == true) all changes apply to all subitems as well.

start the highlight color for the start shape
middle the highlight color for the middle shape
end the highlight color for the end shape
See also:
highlightColors(), setShapes(), shapes()

Definition at line 1002 of file KDGanttViewItem.cpp.

References KDGanttViewItem::displaySubitemsAsGroup(), KDGanttViewItem::firstChild(), KDGanttViewItem::myGanttView, KDGanttView::myTimeTable, KDGanttViewItem::nextSibling(), KDGanttViewItem::setHighlightColors(), and KDGanttViewItem::updateCanvasItems().

Referenced by KDGanttViewItem::setHighlightColors().

    myStartColorHL=start ;
    myMiddleColorHL= middle;
    myEndColorHL= end;
    if ( displaySubitemsAsGroup() ) {
      KDGanttViewItem* temp = (KDGanttViewItem*) firstChild();
      while (temp != 0) {
      temp->setHighlightColors( start,  middle,  end );
      temp = temp->nextSibling();

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