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KDGanttViewTaskItem Class Reference

#include <KDGanttViewTaskItem.h>

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Detailed Description

This class represents calendar items in Gantt charts.

A calendar item in a Gantt chart has no start/end shape, it is displayed as a rectangle. You can set the colors as usual, where only the first argument of setColors( col, col, col ) is important. If the start time is equal to the end time, the item is displayed as , showing that there is no time interval set.

For a KDGanttViewTaskItem, the text, setted by setText(), is shown in the item itself and the text is truncated automatically to fit in the item. For all other item types, the text is shown right of the item.

Definition at line 43 of file KDGanttViewTaskItem.h.

Public Types

enum  Shape {
  TriangleDown, TriangleUp, Diamond, Square,
enum  Type { Event, Task, Summary }

Public Member Functions

void colors (QColor &start, QColor &middle, QColor &end) const
void createNode (QDomDocument &doc, QDomElement &parentElement)
QColor defaultColor () const
QColor defaultHighlightColor () const
bool displaySubitemsAsGroup () const
bool editable () const
bool enabled () const
QDateTime endTime () const
KDGanttViewItemfirstChild () const
QFont font () const
KDGanttViewItemgetChildByName (const QString &name)
bool highlight () const
void highlightColors (QColor &start, QColor &middle, QColor &end) const
KDGanttViewItemitemAbove ()
KDGanttViewItemitemBelow (bool includeDisabled=true)
bool itemVisible () const
 KDGanttViewTaskItem (KDGanttViewItem *parent, KDGanttViewItem *after, const QString &lvtext=QString::null, const QString &name=QString::null)
 KDGanttViewTaskItem (KDGanttView *view, KDGanttViewItem *after, const QString &lvtext=QString::null, const QString &name=QString::null)
 KDGanttViewTaskItem (KDGanttViewItem *parent, const QString &lvtext=QString::null, const QString &name=QString::null)
 KDGanttViewTaskItem (KDGanttView *view, const QString &lvtext=QString::null, const QString &name=QString::null)
QString listViewText (int column=0) const
QString name () const
KDGanttViewItemnextSibling () const
KDGanttViewItemparent () const
const QPixmap * pixmap (int column=0) const
int priority ()
void setColors (const QColor &start, const QColor &middle, const QColor &end)
void setDefaultColor (const QColor &)
void setDefaultHighlightColor (const QColor &)
void setDisplaySubitemsAsGroup (bool show)
void setEditable (bool editable)
void setEnabled (bool on)
void setEndTime (const QDateTime &end)
void setFont (const QFont &font)
void setHighlight (bool)
void setHighlightColors (const QColor &start, const QColor &middle, const QColor &end)
void setItemVisible (bool on)
void setListViewText (int column, const QString &text)
void setListViewText (const QString &text, int column=0)
virtual void setOpen (bool o)
void setPixmap (const QPixmap &pixmap)
void setPixmap (int column, const QPixmap &pixmap)
void setPriority (int prio)
void setShapes (Shape start, Shape middle, Shape end)
void setShowNoInformation (bool show)
void setStartTime (const QDateTime &start)
void setText (const QString &text)
void setTextColor (const QColor &color)
void setTooltipText (const QString &text)
void setWhatsThisText (const QString &text)
void shapes (Shape &start, Shape &middle, Shape &end) const
bool showNoInformation ()
QDateTime startTime () const
bool subitemIsCalendar () const
QString text () const
QColor textColor () const
QString tooltipText () const
Type type () const
QString whatsThisText () const
virtual ~KDGanttViewTaskItem ()

Static Public Member Functions

static KDGanttViewItemcreateFromDomElement (KDGanttViewItem *parent, KDGanttViewItem *previous, QDomElement &element)
static KDGanttViewItemcreateFromDomElement (KDGanttViewItem *parent, QDomElement &element)
static KDGanttViewItemcreateFromDomElement (KDGanttView *view, KDGanttViewItem *previous, QDomElement &element)
static KDGanttViewItemcreateFromDomElement (KDGanttView *view, QDomElement &element)
static KDGanttViewItemfind (const QString &name)

Protected Member Functions

void generateAndInsertName (const QString &name)
int getCoordY ()
QDateTime myChildEndTime ()
QDateTime myChildStartTime ()
void updateCanvasItems ()

Protected Attributes

KDCanvasLine * actualEnd
bool blockUpdating
KDCanvasLine * endLine
KDCanvasLine * endLineBack
KDCanvasPolygonItem * endShape
KDCanvasPolygonItem * endShapeBack
bool isEditable
bool isHighlighted
bool isVisibleInGanttView
KDCanvasPolygonItem * midShape
KDCanvasPolygonItem * midShapeBack
QDateTime myEndTime
int myItemSize
QDateTime myStartTime
KDCanvasLine * startLine
KDCanvasLine * startLineBack
KDCanvasPolygonItem * startShape
KDCanvasPolygonItem * startShapeBack
KDCanvasText * textCanvas
QString textCanvasText

Private Member Functions

void hideMe ()
void initItem ()
void showItem (bool show=true, int coordY=0)

Private Attributes

bool _showUndefinedBrush
QBrush myBrush
QBrush undefinedBrush

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