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bool KDGanttView::colors ( KDGanttViewItem::Type  type,
QColor &  start,
QColor &  middle,
QColor &  end 
) const

Queries the colors for a particular type of Gantt item.

type the type of Gantt items for which to query the colors
start the start color is returned in this parameter
middle the middle color is returned in this parameter
end the end color is returned in this parameter
true if there was a general color set for the specified type. If the return value is false, the values of the three color parameters are undefined.
See also:
setColors(), setDefaultColor(), defaultColor()

Definition at line 1407 of file KDGanttView.cpp.

Referenced by saveXML().

  int index = getIndex( type );
  start = myColor [index*3];
    middle = myColor [index*3+1];
    end = myColor [index*3+2];
    return !undefinedColor[index];

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