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Task Class Reference

#include <task.h>

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Detailed Description

A class representing a task.

A "Task" object stores information about a task such as it's name, total and session times.

It can log when the task is started, stoped or deleted.

If a task is associated with some desktop's activity it can remember that too.

It can also contain subtasks - these are managed using the QListViewItem class.

Definition at line 41 of file task.h.


void deletingTask (Task *thisTask)
void totalTimesChanged (long minutesSession, long minutes)

Public Member Functions

void addComment (QString comment, KarmStorage *storage)
KCal::TodoasTodo (KCal::Todo *calendar) const
QString comment () const
int compare (QListViewItem *i, int col, bool ascending) const
void cut ()
TaskfirstChild () const
bool isComplete ()
bool isRoot () const
void move (Task *destination)
TasknextSibling () const
Taskparent () const
bool parseIncidence (KCal::Incidence *, long &minutes, long &sessionMinutes, QString &name, DesktopList &desktops, int &percent_complete)
void paste (Task *destination)
bool remove (QPtrList< Task > &activeTasks, KarmStorage *storage)
void removeFromView ()
void setPercentComplete (const int percent, KarmStorage *storage)
void setUid (const QString uid)
TaskViewtaskView () const
QString uid () const
void update ()
void changeTime (long minutes, KarmStorage *storage)
void changeTimes (long minutesSession, long minutes, KarmStorage *storage=0)
void changeTotalTimes (long minutesSession, long minutes)
void resetTimes ()
long sessionTime () const
void startNewSession ()
QDateTime startTime () const
long time () const
long totalSessionTime () const
long totalTime () const
QString fullName () const
QString name () const
void setName (const QString &name, KarmStorage *storage)
DesktopList getDesktops () const
QString getDesktopStr () const
void setDesktopList (DesktopList dl)
bool isRunning () const
void setRunning (bool on, KarmStorage *storage)
 Task (KCal::Todo *incident, TaskView *parent)
 Task (const QString &taskame, long minutes, long sessionTime, DesktopList desktops, Task *parent=0)
 Task (const QString &taskame, long minutes, long sessionTime, DesktopList desktops, TaskView *parent=0)

Protected Slots

void updateActiveIcon ()

Protected Member Functions

void changeParentTotalTimes (long minutesSession, long minutes)

Private Member Functions

void init (const QString &taskame, long minutes, long sessionTime, DesktopList desktops, int percent_complete)
void noNegativeTimes ()
long totalTimeInSeconds () const

Private Attributes

QString _comment
int _currentPic
DesktopList _desktops
QDateTime _lastStart
QString _name
int _percentcomplete
bool _removing
QTimer * _timer
QString _uid
long _sessionTime
long _time
long _totalSessionTime
long _totalTime

Static Private Attributes

static QPtrVector< QPixmap > * icons = 0

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