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%Karm API Overview



Karm is a simple, easy to use time tracking program. It keeps a hierarchical list of tasks. Each task has a timer associated with it. The primary user interaction for karm is to start and stop the appropriate timer.

Road Map to the Classes

The core of the functionality is within Karm. Start there to learn the program.

KarmWindow has the overall application functionality. This is where the menus and actions are initialized. This is where many of the connections are made. The status bar logic is contained here.

If you want to change the configuration options, look at Preferences. If you want to store more information about a task, look at Task. Look at Index of Signals and Slots for information on the signals and slots used in the program which may be useful in understanding the overall flow of the program. See Index of the signal/slot connections to get an index of what signal is connected to which slot.

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Index of Signals and Slots Index of the signal/slot connections integration

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